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Consider the following seven easy-start steps to get your content engine revving.

1. Start with the prospect, lead, and customer in mind

Developing buyer personas to understand what attracts, engages, and motivates your target audience is the first step in the content assessment process.

2. Map the buyer's journey

If you've identified more stages based on existing prospect/customer data, you're ahead of the game. Now, open a simple spreadsheet and label the columns with the stages you have identified. Be sure to include a couple of questions they'll be asking to ensure your content provides answers.

3. Classify the type of content you'll need

In converting lookers into buyers, not all content is created equal. Start with the basics and label the following content categories as rows on your spreadsheet: e-book, whitepaper, blog, webinar, video, infographic, case study, customer testimonial, research report, and online article.

4. Begin filling in the blanks

As you map the asset, be sure to include a title, date of creation, and URL in this first phase, so you can easily refer to it as you later refine your content strategy.

5. Identify and mind the gaps

Once you've completed the spreadsheet, it's time to identify the gaps between the content you have and the content you need.

6. Rinse and repeat steps 2-5

This initial assessment has provided you with a solid foundation to begin building your content strategy, but it still needs work. Take what you've created here and replicate the spreadsheet for each buyer persona you identified in Step 1.

7. Get busy creating content

Remember that engaging, relevant content goes a long way in building the foundation for lead-to-revenue success. Identify and fill the nurture gap in your buyer cycle, and reap the rewards of marketing automation.



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