Despite the explosion in online analytics, marketers still don't know what they're doing - PandoDaily | SoShake |


For how much digital marketing and advertising has changed, it still hasn’t delivered marketers — and may never deliver — the numbers that are most useful to their business. Approximately half of all those surveyed wanted to be able to gauge reader attention more meaningfully, to know how they had changed opinions, who was likely to purchase, and who was aware of the brand. These are as mysterious and inexact to work out now as they’ve always been.


Which is telling. The goals of marketing are the same now as they’ve always been. Digital media has siphoned off a lot of action from print by giving advertisers raw insight into how many people see and click their content. But engagement is becoming an ever more nebulous idea, and the things marketers really need to know are still out of reach.


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Via CYDigital